Pulp magazine 66, Winter 2010

Crude Futures was commissioned by the Dowse Gallery and photographed over a 4 month period in late 2009. Starting with the Hutt Valley as a geographical boundary and an ambiguous title sourced from the world of derivatives trading Crude Futures features 14 diptychs photographed at various events and locations. Portraits of teenagers on location as they were found at zombie roller discos, appearing in a local beauty contest or drill training as army cadets. 

Review: Teenage Apprehensions at The New Dowse 

Crude Futures installed in The Dowse gallery, Lower Hutt, Wellington. April - July, 2010.


Crude Futures also formed the basis for a collaboration with Wellington band SO SO MODERN with the artwork and title of the exhibition being used in the band's 2010 album release. This partnership also led to the production of two music videos using characters and locations photographed months before. First video, The Worst Is Yet To Come, was filmed at the Upper Hutt Roller Skating rink where four months earlier I'd photographed a Micheal Jackson Thriller theme night. The second video, Dusk and Children,  features Leslie Bowman a young tap dancer I'd seen at a number of events, and features an apocalyptic dance contest referencing the movie They Shoot Horses Don't They

Crude Futures photographs adapted for So So Modern's 12" vinyl release